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Boca Raton Police Department Buys 4 Hybrid Cars

In a move that will likely be duplicated across the country, the Boca Raton Police Department has bought 4 Toyota Prius hybrid cars to its fleet.

The department currently has a fleet of 150 cars, two of which will be retired as the new hybrid cars are taken into use.

The move is done by the department to control fuel costs, which are the fastest-rising cost item for the department, according to Assistant Chief Ed Morley.

The hybrid cars will not be used in regular police work. Rather, the cars will go to two assistant chiefs, the director of training, and the sergeant for investigative training.

The department also cites the environmental benefits as one of the factors behind their decision to buy the Prius cars.

As oil prices continue to rise, the benefits of hybrid cars become more evident. As a public organization, police departments can show real initiative by purchasing these cars.

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