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Massachusetts Hybrid Car Incentives

There is now a plan in place that would offer Massachusetts hybrid car incentives to anyone owning such a car.

Also, the state government is aiming for 50 % of their fleet to be hybrids by 2010.

The people of Massachusetts already have enthusiastically taken this technology as theirs, as the state ranks ninth for the popularity of hybrid cars in the U.S.

According to state’s representatives, there will be a $2,000 tax exemption granted to everyone who buys or leases a hybrid vehicle.

In addition, regardless of the number of passengers, drivers could use the HOV lanes for the next three to five years.

Setting the example with the incentive plan, the state government also has plans to buy 5 percent of all new vehicles annually as hybrids.

However, the negotiations are still under way to determine the exact incentives.

Thus far, the bill has been approved by the state transportation committee.

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